Tina Palmer Studios, Inc.

Capturing emotions with original paintings. 
Original Paintings Sold In Fine Art Galleries Across the U.S.

                                                                Shown are a few examples of hundreds of earlier works

Shown here are some of Tina's earlier works that launched her career as a full time artist. Through gallery representation from 2003 to 2009 this style got her on the map and selling hundreds of these paintings a year to galleries across the U.S. While she has since moved on and evolved her style to the many other works that you can view under 'Artwork' on this site. Most all of her work is represented by fine art galleries and she still paints full time to date.


Tina Palmer had the amazing opportunity to be commissioned to paint ten original pieces through Zivit Designs, a top Interior Designer in N.Y.C.  

These works were selected for the model condo at Trump World Tower in N.Y.C.  These paintings represent an earlier style of Tina's work, consisting of rich texture and a vibrant color palette.